About Us

About Us

Mainly to sales liquid health drinks, functional foods, beauty care products

The philosophy of the company

We adhere to the "customer first" and "satisfaction guarantee" with excellent quality of goods and services; Our policy is based on an efficient quality assurance program that integrates all management functions to do effective planning and development. In highly developed environmental and social pressure of competition, "Health" has become more mature and attention for modern people. A group of partners, in view of the public's strong demand for "Health" life and the concept of "Take from society / Give back to society", founded the Canlea cooperation. In the constant pursuit of material progress and culture under the negative impact of civilization, Modern people more of a civilization disease... fashionable disease. How to save the earth from ecology to be destroyed, the environment is no longer contaminated, is not the only way for modern people to stay away from civilization disease, but also the way of human health, so the development of "natural, healthy,beauty" commodity is the tendency of now. Canlea cooperation adhere to the "honesty, faithfulness, service" for the company's service creed since the establishment of the company. Our president Mr. Chin-Pei Lee, establish the R&D team, formally cross the biotechnology industry. Founded the HealtyFlow biotechnology cooperation, research and developed TPP SOD-like functional drinks, and through the technical cooperation with the Institute of Food Industry Research and Development Institute, the continuous development of new value in the commodity. The current marketing channel has been extended to the medical system, beauty care, health engineering museum and so on. The market not only in the domestic vigorous development, more formal entry into the Japanese market, Hong Kong and the mainland is still in negotiations, I believe the market will be further development in the future.

Processional service

There are no different between boss and employs in the company, because Chairman Lee always says "staff is the boss, so everyone is the boss" and therefore Canlea company like a happy family. Everyone has the confidence in the lead of chairman Lee, will be able to lead the company more and more progress for the benefit of more people. In addition, the company also has agents of machinery export business for more than 20 years, the most important tool-based machine, such as precision surface grinder, precision double column grinder, and vertical CNC machining centers and so on. At present, exporting countries include Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and so on. OTC Company Kent Industrial Co., Ltd. and Kenly Precision Co., Ltd. are the Company's affiliated enterprises. So we can provide more professional, faster and more satisfied with the service for customers.

service items

Mainly to sales liquid health drinks, functional foods, beauty care products and provide customized OEM, ODM services. To create a full range of "overall beauty" for the company's business philosophy, and constantly develop and recommend "environmental protection, natural, healthy" combination of high-tech commodity, to provide customers the most peace of mind the most satisfied with the quality and service.