Production Partner



Business philosophy and strategy

In response to the vigorous development of biotechnology, many corporations are actively engaged in research and development of "environmentally friendly, natural and healthy" health production. In term of functional drinks, many companies because of the lack of low temperature aseptic filling technology and packaging materials, so that products cannot be successfully launched, thus losing business opportunity. In view of this, Mr. Chin-Pei Lee combined Canlea cooperation and Dr. Chih-Bin Sun to establish Healthflow biotechnology cooperation.

The philosophy of the company

Provide the key technology of aseptic low temperature filling, as well as patented multi-layer film anti-UV package material technology, also provide more health care and improve quality of life in the manner of extraction to pubic people. We adhere "honesty, faithfulness, service" for the creed, to create a "healthy, beautiful" as business philosophy, to provide customers the most satisfy with the quality and service, and get the majority of consumers affirmed.

Advantage of product

  • 01Strong R&D team
  • 02Unparalleled and unique aseptic low temperature filling technology
  • 03Multi-layer film anti-UV package material technology
  • 04Obtain ISO22000, HACCP certification and have GMP standard factory




Operational Policy and Objectives

Based on the company's business philosophy and strategy, and comprehensive consideration of all aspects, to be planned integration, set out operational guidelines and objectives

﹝Short-term target﹞

coordinate with the customer orders, to research and development pilot projects of the production, and coordinate with customers to find the most appropriate production process, increase the market competence of products to enhance customer profits.

﹝Long-term goal﹞

The company's teams are all food chemistry and biotechnology professionals, long-term ODM-based, open up domestic and foreign health care products ODM market.