Canlea compound nattokinase (NABIO NATTO-MAX) 【Capsule food】

Canlea compound nattokinase (NABIO NATTO-MAX) 【Capsule food】

Product characteristics: Japan NABIO company natto kinase raw materials as the main component, coupled with soybean • rice germ fermentation extract, to taste garlic and other compound ingredients made of "Canlea compound nattokinase capsule" for your direct intake Natto essence. Can help you regulate the physiological function, promote metabolism! This product is recommended to the daily diet greasy dieters and elderly health care use.

Content: 0.5 g per capsules ± 5%, 60 capsules / box
Ingredients: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, maltodextrin, natto extract, soybean ‧ embryo fermentation extract, green tea extract, to taste garlic extract, calcium pantothenate, choline, magnesium stearate, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, B6, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12
Capsule Ingredients: gelatin, edible titanium dioxide, edible sodium lauryl sulfate
Applicable to: regular food, entertainment, intake of high fat, seafood, abundant fish and meat, refined diet, smoke, wine, sedentary, heavy computer user, pressure, lack of exercise.
Serve suggestion:take 1 to 2 tablets daily with water , the proposed dinner or before going to bed , and other drugs taking 2 hours apart
Storage: Please put it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.
Shelf life: 3 years
Note: Please avoid the children to take by their own, children under 3 years old, 1 to 2 weeks before and after surgery wound healing patients, pregnant women, menstrual period, the patients who using anticoagulant, please consult physician or pharmacist before consumption.
  • 『康の儷複方納豆激酶』問與答1


    一 . 請問『康の儷複方納豆激酶』是什麼 ?

  • 『康の儷複方納豆激酶』問與答2


    二 . (1) . 什麼是納豆 ? (2) . 什麼是納豆激酶,其主要功效是什麼 ?

    (1) . 納豆是在蒸煮過的黃豆中加進納豆菌,經過發酵後的日本傳統食品。(2) . 納豆激酶來自於納豆,納豆激酶可說是納豆菌發酵大豆而生成的一種酵素,可調整體質、促進新陳代謝、維持消化道機能。
  • 『康の儷複方納豆激酶』問與答3


    三 . 請問『康の儷複方納豆激酶』與一般市面上的納豆激酶相關食品有什麼不同 ?

    (1) . 常溫下品質穩定。(2) . 無納豆、大蒜特殊氣味。(3) . 去除維他命K2及普林。(4) . 通過塑化劑、重金屬、輻射等檢驗證明。(5) . 膠囊鋁片包裝,衛生、攜帶方便。
  • 『康の儷複方納豆激酶』問與答4


    四 . 請問『康の儷複方納豆激酶』攝取最佳時間 ?

  • 『康の儷複方納豆激酶』問與答5


    五 . 『康の儷複方納豆激酶』什麼樣的人不能吃 ?

    (1) . 兒童、孕婦、生理前間之婦女。(2) . 手術前後1~2週傷口未癒合之病患。(3) . 正在使用抗凝血劑之患者請先徵詢醫師或藥師意見後再食用。