Jing Bai Wuyu sup liq foundation 40ml

Jing Bai Wuyu sup liq foundation 40ml

Embellish skin color and strengthen the moisturizing, to make your skin more white, transparent, smooth, and isolated the sun, in the same time replenishment.

Use : Moisturizing, concealer
Use method: Please shake before use, gently point on the face, neck or sun exposure site to push the pulp evenly.
Applicable skin::Any skin can be used
Ingredients : As shown in the outer packaging
Duration : marked on the outer box (year / month / day)
Agents : Canlea Co., Ltd.
Service Tel : 07-5525988
Shelf life : 3 years
Storage :Please put it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Kaohsiung Department of Health No.10510073
  • 『晶白物語隔離粉蜜』問與答1


    一 . 使用晶白物語隔離粉蜜對皮膚的好處是什麼 ?

    (1) . 可增加皮膚防禦力、遮瑕兼具保濕功能。(2) . SPF50+高防曬係數,可有效隔離紫外線。(3) . 高延展性、用量省、CP值高。(4) . 即使不上妝也能輕鬆呈現自然透亮的裸妝感。
  • 『晶白物語隔離粉蜜』問與答2


    二 . 防曬產品的SPF值是什們 ?

    ★SPF值 : 「Sun Protection Factor」的縮寫,為防禦紫外線對皮膚的傷害,數值越大,防禦效果越高。